Friday, 8 January 2016

Lush: My favourites

For Christmas I got 4 Lush gift boxes, further fuelling my obsession with the brand! Lush is a handmade cosmetics company who's products are mostly vegan. Ranging from bath ballistics to shampoo and conditioner and moisturisers.
I've always enjoyed the occasional bath product from there, but with my treatment making me unable to do many things I enjoyed such as horse riding, my attention shifted towards the things that I could still do.
Usually I am a 'shower person'; I find it easier and faster, especially when I had long hair. However, it got to the point that I couldn't stand up long enough to have a shower, and I found it so much more of a chore than I did previously. So my Mum suggested I take a bath, and it was honestly the strangest thing.
For the time I was in the bath, I felt ok. During my worst treatment it was a blessing to just feel ok. I don't know whether that was because the water took the weight off my joints or that it regulated my temperature, but it did more to help me feel better than any of the tablets I was taking. This was when I got back into Lush. I had more time to care for my slowly returning hair so I explored different products I hadn't before.
These are some of my favourite products:
Twilight shower gel - Perfect for relaxing in the bath in the evening as the strong scent of lavender helps you drift off. Sad thing is that this shower gel is only available in the 'Relax' gift set or whenever the Lush Kitchen makes it available. They make it in small batches and sells out very quick.
Daddy-O shampoo - A dark purple shampoo containing violets designed to remove brassy tones from blonde hair, but is still a great shampoo for brunettes too. To me it smells like those parma violet sweets, and contains things good for your hair like organic lemon and lime juice and extra virgin coconut oil.
Roots hair treatment - This hair mask contains lots of mint to stimulate the hair follicle increasing the speed of hair growth. It smells amazing and is very conditioning. I think it's helped my hair grow faster too.
H'suan wen Hua hair treatment - No, I can't pronounce it either. My hair has grown back drier and wavier than before, so this conditioning treatment helps keep it under control using organic extra virgin olive oil amongst other things. The smell is quite strong but when you get past it you can tell the product really is brilliant.
Happy Hippy shower gel - This citrusy shower gel really helps to wake me up, and as I struggle a bit with tiredness it's very useful.
Lord of Misrule bath ballistic - I think this was part of the Christmas range of products and it may still be available in the Oxford Street store. It has a deep musky scent that turns the bath an amazing green colour.
Golden wonder bath ballistic - A Christmas exclusive covered in gold glitter that rattles when shaken just like a present. It turns the water a bright blue that smells really fresh. What more could you want of a product?
Yog nog bath ballistic - Imagine the smell of a stereotypical Christmas. That is what this smells like. It contains pieces of solid oil that melt and nourish your skin as it dissolves. There's a bath ballistic sold all year round that also contains this oil called the Butterball. I love this so much that I have the matching soap, I just hope they bring it back next Christmas!
I hope I've inspired you to invest in some bath and shower products as it can really improve your mood. Happy new year and see you in the next blog post!

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