Saturday, 9 May 2015

Wig day! - 7/5/15

I'm feeling very positive after visiting a salon in Nottingham and ordering a wig! For me the biggest problem was knowing that I would lose my hair over time, but the wig I have picked is very comfortable and is similar to how my hair was before. When I was diagnosed I decided to get my hair cut short, as for me it meant I had more control over what was happening, although in reality it wouldn't change.
My hair was very long, as I had been growing it out for the summer, but I decided that it would be much less scary to have short hairs fall out, as supposed to hair falling out at its previous length.
It was a bit of a shock with the difference, but after a couple of weeks I've got used to it. Kim, a family friend, came and cut my hair at home, which made me feel much more relaxed, and crucially meant that no one in a salon would ask why I was having my hair cut, because it was the last thing I wanted to talk about with somebody I don't know. When I'm feeling ill, it's much easier to maintain as well on a practical level. I was torn at one point between leaving it as long as I could for as long as I could, but I would definitely recommend anyone in the same situation to do the same.
For the wig, I decided to try and replicate the hair I used to have. I had thought about getting a really different wig in a blue or a purple perhaps, but I decided that when I walked down the street that I wanted people to look at me and not think I was wearing a wig.
So this is the style I went for! It's not as long as I had hoped for, but the wig was warm to try on for just a few minutes, so a long wig in the summer probably isn't the best idea. The colour won't be the same as in the picture, a shade or two darker probably, to try and match my natural colour. The wig is also real hair, meaning I will be able to style it using heat and even dye if I chose to at any point, so it would feel like normal. I will hopefully have the wig later on next week, which is good timing as my hair is slowly starting to fall out, but should easily last until then. I would recommend to get a referral to a salon as soon as possible if you know you will lose your hair, as nurses at the hospital have informed me that some people's hair lasts days, and others can last months! It's definitely better to be prepared.
CLIC Sargent and the Little Princess Trust have both been very helpful in getting me referrals and information about wigs and hair services, and have really helped to make a difficult situation less stressful.