Monday, 25 April 2016

Race for Life 2016

On Sunday 12th June, Natasha's Gang will once again be running (probably more like walking) the 5k course at the Lincolnshire Showground in aid of Cancer Research UK; but this time with a snazzy new name... Natasha's Gang 2! (Not very creative I know, sorry.)
This year I feel I will be more much able to enjoy the event, and I'll be walking the course with everyone else, instead of being pushed around it in a wheelchair.
I'll always remember the Race for Life last year, not only because we raised an amazing amount of money (thank you all who donated last year) but it was one of the days where I felt absolutely awful. The event fell on the Sunday of the week where I had spent Monday-Friday going backwards and forwards to Nottingham having chemo; not great timing.
I wasn't able to help much with the fundraising effort last year either, and only mentioned that we were doing it a few days before it happened, and only posted it on here after it had happened.
This year however that will not be the case.
I am lucky that over the last 40 years, the 10 year survival rate for Hodgkin's has improved from 50% to over 80%. However, it is only with research that this improvement will be shown across all cancer types, and ultimately there will come a day where all cancer's can be cured with treatment with fewer side effects.
It is with your donations that this vital work can take place, so if you can please donate by clicking here.
Thank you.

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